New Hire Incentive Bonus



Civil Constructors, LLC is expanding its workforce at a rapid pace. In order to achieve in hiring quality career minded candidates we are offering a New Hire Incentive Bonus.


The structure of the payments are as follows:

Laborer/Pipelayer:      $200.00 to newly hired employee

Truck Driver:                 $600.00 to newly hired employee

Equipment Operator:   $750.00 to newly hired employee

Foreman/Supervisor:  $1500.00 to newly hired employee



  1. The New Hire Incentive Bonus will be paid at your 180th date of employment and at your 1 (one) year anniversary date of employment.
  2. The position the individual is hired for is the basis of the bonus.
  3. If upon hire it is found that the new hire’s abilities were overstated and the new hire is placed in a different position due to this –the new position will prevail as the rate of new hire incentive bonus
  4. Any new hire that has worked for Civil within the last year is not eligible for the new hire incentive bonus
  5. The new hire must remain accident free, including general liability claims and workers compensation claims for payout of the new hire incentive bonus.
  6. The new hire may not have any positive drug screens for payout of the New Hire Incentive Bonus
  7. ALL Incentive Bonus payments will be added to your weekly paycheck and will be taxed accordingly
  8. Qualification of the new hire is determined by the Director of Human Resources and the decision is final.